About "Mar de Bran" apple juice

”Măr de Bran” natural apple juice promotes a healthy lifestyle and the flavours of the unforgettable Bran region.

The ”Măr de Bran” juice is an entirely natural product, squeezed out of hand-picked apples which are then pressed following traditional methods but with the help of modern equipment. The juice is then pasteurized and bottled in glass containers. This way, the juice remains completely natural while retaining its full flavour and freshness for longer. The manufacturing process is rigorously supervised throughout so that all health and quality standards are the highest possible.

”Măr de Bran” apple juice does not have any added water, sweeteners, preservatives or food colourings so you can enjoy it in its original, natural glory. Because of this, our apple juice fits like a glove with any breakfast, lunch or dinner, be it at the office or with the family.

”Măr de Bran” has proven to be very popular with children (who love the taste, smell and deep orange colour) and parents alike, who are happy to offer them a healthy and tasty treat.

”Măr de Bran” apple juice is sweet, a little sour and definitely extremely ‘versatile’ as our friends have said.